This Is How Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

Inaccurate beliefs about yourself will limit your potential. The good news is, you can train your brain to think differently.

Your Greatest Opponent? Your Own Ego.

By Ryan Holiday on June 15, 2016 in The Obstacle Is the Way
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your worst enemy already lives inside you: your ego.

The Compelling Illusion of Free Will

By David Ludden Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in Talking Apes
Conscious choice is an afterthought of decision making, not a precursor to it.

How Homosexual Attraction Can Lead to Violence Against Gays

If Mateen was perhaps more accepting of his own homosexual desires, perhaps none of this would've happened.

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Pacing: The Chronically Ill Person’s Best Friend

I have a love-hate relationship with pacing. I love it because it keeps my symptoms from flaring. But I also can ignore it because it keeps me from doing everything I want to do.

The Keys To Avoid Failing At Other Minds

When was the last time you had a misunderstanding with another person? This article shows the science behind such problems, and offers pragmatic tips for avoiding such issues.

Create a Calm and Positive Mindset With These 7 Simple Cues

By Meg Selig on June 15, 2016 in Changepower
There's an easy way to bring positive emotions into an ordinary day. Find out how to use the strategy of cues to set the stage for a happier, calmer, kinder state of mind.

Otherfathering and Men in Polyamorous Families

Polyaffectivity offers men a way to connect with each other and stay connected with kids, even if no longer having sex with the kids' mother. Otherfathering provides connections.

You Only Get More of What You Resist—Why?

Jung argued long ago that “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” Today this paradoxical viewpoint is typically shortened to “What you resist persists." . . .
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Take Risks for Athletic Success

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in The Power of Prime
Risk taking means pushing your limits, getting out of your comfort zone, and confronting failure, so that, when the risk pays off, it you will experience sports success.

7 Powerful Ways to Live a Highly Compassionate Lifestyle

By Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in Feeling It
Despite this age of terror, there is a lot you can do to make a difference - and it doesn't take much.

Learn your brain's true age & 7 steps to "de-age" it

Take a one minute test to discover whether your brain is younger or older than you are

Extremist Imperfections

As social animals we have a natural tendency to push group norms to extremes. But extremism is not perfection.

How Does No Longer Hating Myself Feel?

By Anneli Rufus on June 15, 2016 in Stuck
Self-loathing is treacherous. Take your escape from it one tiny step at a time.
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Valuing Your Values

Do you know what’s really important to you? What you value most in life?
I’d say that most people I meet haven’t spent much time on this question. Perhaps they should.

Text Alert – Is Your Intimate Communication Inadequate?

It only takes a few minutes to make your text messages more representative of who you really are and what you truly feel towards your partner.

Fishes Recognize Human Faces: Why the Empathy Gap?

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in Animal Emotions
More and more research shows just how smart and emotional fishes truly are.

Feeding Your Brain

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on June 15, 2016 in Cravings
Are you addicted to eating? Does food change your mood? It's all in your head!
The Hard Data on Self-Love and Why It Leads to Success
The Hard Data on Self-Love
Why It's So Important to Get Over Your Ex
Getting Over the Ex
Do You Have to Love Yourself Before Someone Else Can?
Do You Have to Love Yourself?
What It Really Means to Love Yourself
Who Cares for You?

What Is the Best Way to Stop a Dog Fight?

When dogs are fighting your most instinctive methods of trying to get them to stop will likely get you injured, but there are some safer ways to break up the fight.

Orlando Shooter´s Homophobia: Ideology or Identity?

Did Omar Mateen´s Homophobia Reflect Outrage or Identity? Counterintuitive, yet empirically corroborated, some individuals despise the same community with which they identify.

Kvetch Kakaphony

By Bernard L. De Koven on June 15, 2016 in On Having Fun
How many hours of therapy is a good kvetch worth?

Sex, Seniors, and Consent

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in Media Spotlight
With more and more older adults entering chronic care facilities, there is going to be increased demand for more flexibility regarding patient sex. What form will this take?

National Men’s Health Week

By Marty Klein PhD on June 15, 2016 in Sexual Intelligence
Let's talk about sexual health--without focussing on STDs

Gambling, Sex, And Gaming In Virtual Reality

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in In Excess
There is little scientific evidence (as yet) that individuals have become addicted to virtual reality (VR) applications. However, could the new VR applications be addictive?

What is Different in the Bilingual Brain?

Recent research has shown that the bilingual brain uses the same neural structures and resources as the monolingual brain but in different ways. A specialist explains.

The Case for Justice Over Mercy

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on June 15, 2016 in How To Do Life
Forgiveness is often a short-term feel-good, a long-term mistake.

2 Reasons Growth Rate Numbers Can Mislead Us

Using incorrect measures & ignoring the base size can lead to wrong conclusions.

Sugar and ADHD: A Bad Mix?

Gummy bears or grapes? Why studies disagree on sugar and ADHD.

Myth: My Jealousy Shows How Much I Love My Partner

You have betrayed me. You have ruined our beautiful world.

Are They Shooting at You?

By Kirby Farrell Ph.D. on June 14, 2016 in A Swim in Denial
The Orlando massacre, and reactions to it, turn flight to fight. The denial is as self-intoxicating
as American gun mania.

Parenthood Isn’t Easy on Men’s Sleep

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on June 14, 2016 in Sleep Newzzz
Fathers—and families as a whole—stand to benefit from a greater understanding of how men experience sleep in relation to parenthood.

The Secret of the Full Cup: Self Care

It IS possible to reduce the stress in our lives so we can slow down and find more joy in parenting on a daily basis.
By Charlesjsharp (Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

5 Reasons People Fail to Follow Through on Health Goals

The most basic consequence of behaving inconsistently is that we are strangers to ourselves.